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All wire ropes will wear out eventually and gradually lose work capability throughout their service life. That's why periodic inspections are critical. Applicable industry standards such as ASME B30.2 for overhead and gantry cranes or federal regulations such as OSHA refer to specific inspection criteria for varied applications.

 Regular inspection of wire rope and equipment should be performed for three good reasons:
  • It reveals the rope's condition and indicates the need for replacement.
  • It can indicate if you're using the most suitable type of rope.
  • It makes possible the discovery and correction of faults in equipment or operation that can cause costly accelerated rope wear.

 All wire ropes should be thoroughly inspected at regular intervals. The longer it has been in service or the more severe the service, the more thoroughly and frequently it should be inspected. Be sure to maintain records of each inspection. Inspections should be carried out by a person who has learned through special training or practical experience what to look for and who knows how to judge the importance of any abnormal conditions they may discover. It is the inspector's responsibility to obtain and follow the proper inspection criteria for each application inspected.

For information on inspection methods and techniques, ask us for Techreport 107: Wire Rope Inspection. If you need further assistance, contact our Product Engineering Department.