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TUF-KOTE® / PFV wire ropes

TUF-KOTE / PFV, the plastic-impregnated wire rope, has proven in many applications to give you longer service life and cleaner operation than conventional wire ropes.

On the inside, you'll find our top-of-the-line wire rope that effectively withstands the tough pressures of your demanding jobs. On the outside, you'll see a specially engineered polymer plastic designed to overcome even harsher conditions. This polymer is applied at high pressure to force the material into the rope, filling the valleys of the strands. TUF-KOTE / PFV cushions the strands, distributes internal stresses, keeps in wire rope lubricant and keeps out dirt and debris.

TUF-KOTE / PFV doesn't melt or soften from the heat of your normal operating temperatures. It's also virtually unaffected by sunlight and cold weather. The result is longer service life from your wire rope.

TUF-KOTE / PFV also helps shed water and dirt, giving you a clean, smooth surface to make it easy to pass over sheaves and onto drums. This smooth surface works to clean and polish as it extends the service life of your sheaves and drums. That reduces your cleanup requirements and your maintenance costs.