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Clevis Alloy Grab Hooks Grade 70

  • Designed to be used with Grade 70 Alloy Chain.
  • Heat treated pins.
  • Forged in the US from high quality alloy steel.
  • Hooks are forged, heat treated and tempered.
  • Sizes 5/16 and 3/8 inch.
  • Design ultimate strength equals 4 times working load limit, matching NACM specifications.
  • Not recommended for overhead lifting.
Hook Size
Working Load Limit
Dimensions in inches (see figure)
W D H L R Pin
5/16 4,700 0.38 2.31 0.44 4.00 2.34 25/64
3/8 6,600 0.45 2.63 0.50 4.50 2.66 31/64