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Care, use and inspection

Grade 80 Alloy Steel 800 Chain

Grade 80

Grade 80 is a high strength, heat treated alloy chain that is primarily used as a sling component for overhead lifting, but can also be used in rigging and tie down applications where a lighter weight, high strength chain is desirable. Grade 80 is recommended for lifting by NACM, ANSI and OSHA. Manufactured from special analysis alloy steel, Grade 80 is engineered for a superior combination of strength, lightness and durability. All lifting slings and assemblies sold by Acme Rigging will have a durable metal, OSHA required, identification tag attached to the sling listing:

- Size
- Grade
- Date of assembly
- Number of legs
- Serial number
- Reach
- Working load limit (at specific angle of lift)

Grade 80 Alloy Steel Chain Sizes and
Working Load Limits

Grade 80 load chart

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