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Care, use and inspection

Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chain

Grade 100

Grade 100 is a high strength, heat treated alloy chain that offers many of the same benefits as Grade 80 chain, but with a 25% higher working load limit. For example 1/2" Grade 80 has a working load limit of 12,000 pounds and 1/2" Grade 100 has a working load limit of 15,000 pounds! This increase in strength, in some cases, will allow for the use of a smaller, lighter chain to accomplish the same task. Also Grade 100 has extreme abrasion resistance, when used as recommended, which may extend its service life beyond Grade 80. Grade 100 has a minimum requirement of 20% elongation. One of the most important features required is the ability of a piece of chain to stretch before it breaks, thus absorbing energy.

Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chain Sizes and Working Load Limits
Grade 100 key

Grade 100 load chart

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